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Project Description
Scriptagility is a DotNetNuke module for Javascript developers. This module provides dynamic client scripting infrastructure for developing javascript intensive presentation layer.


Scriptagility is inspired by several script injection module offered in Snowcovered such as : There also open source version by Will Strohl hosted here in CodePlex.

All of them basically do the same thing, write user supplied text on the page with fine tuned positioning (page header, body opening, form opening, form closing, body closing). It is a kind of “patching” your DNN page to get the desired cool stuff like Google Analytics, YouTube embedding, No Right Click, etc. Scriptagility bring this idea to the extreme level, not just patching but inject the entire application through it. Develop your presentation layer by typing your code into this module, like content editor typing their post into Text/HTML module.

Scriptagility is an attempt to build interactive javascript application on top of DotNetNuke infrastructure (ExtJS come to mind).

Feature Overview

Full screen editor

Wide area for convenient editing


Intuitive Script Organization

Script neatly sorted with icon showing its positioning (head, opening body, disabled, ...)


Render as External JS

Facilitating script reusability accross modules


AJAX Powered

For fluid coding experience.



Is it Really Usefull ?

Here are some use case example ..

Interactive Data Visualization

Let’s say we have some business logic running somewhere that accessible through SOAP, XML-RPC, or other Enterprise Integration buzzwords. With a good library, we can do the XML crunching in javascript and generate chart as below


This chart is taken from the demo of Highcharts, the most visually appealing Javascript Charting library.

Or ... Some Useless Time Killer


Adapted from 100 Javascript Online Games


Scriptagility uses several other Open Source projects:

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